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Preventive Care: A Lifelong Investment

At Yorba Linda Pet Care Center, we know that proactive measures are key to ensuring your furry, feathered, or scaled companions lead long, happy lives by your side. Annual preventive exams can help to prevent illness and major health concerns for all pets. It’s a way to be proactive about your pet’s health, so you don’t have to wait and react only if health issues become a crisis.

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Preventive care is more than just an annual check-up—it's a commitment to your pet's overall health and quality of life. Our preventive care program encompasses regular examinations, vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition counseling, and more, tailored to the specific needs of each pet.

Comprehensive, Preventive Care

During an exam, our experienced veterinarians conduct a thorough evaluation of your pet's health from nose to tail.

  • Physical Examination: We carefully examine your pet's body, checking for any signs of illness, injury, or abnormality.
  • Vaccination Review and Administration: We ensure your pet's vaccinations are up-to-date and administer any necessary boosters to protect against infectious diseases.
  • Parasite Screening and Prevention: We check for signs of fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites, and recommend appropriate preventive measures.
  • Dental Evaluation: We assess your pet's dental health and provide recommendations for at-home dental care and professional cleanings if needed.
  • Nutritional Assessment: We discuss your pet's diet and make recommendations to ensure they receive the proper nutrients for optimal health.
  • Senior Pet Care: For older pets, we may recommend additional screenings and tests to monitor for age-related health issues such as arthritis, kidney disease, or cognitive decline.
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Wellness Packages for Tailored Pet Care

Preventive care plays a crucial role in detecting and addressing health problems before they escalate into serious or life-threatening conditions. By staying ahead of potential issues, we can help our pets live longer and healthier lives.

Because your pet’s healthcare needs can change at different stages of their lives, we offer a variety of wellness packages. These options allow pet owners to plan for their pet’s ongoing care. For example, our kitten and puppy packages help pet owners start a healthy foundation for the newest furry members of their families.

To learn more about our preventive care exams and wellness packages, contact us today.